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“Hilary is a hardworking and brilliant marketing professional. She is always enthusiastic and has original and thoughtful ideas. It is always a pleasure to work with Hilary.” – Christopher Madden, Illustrator at Coburn Design, Inc.


“Hilary is exactly the kind of person we need as an account executive. She’s extremely gregarious, charming, and intelligent. She’s polished her communication skills to keep the information between client and design/production flowing seamlessly. Additionally, she has the ability to see the job as a whole, pointing out future pitfalls for the client and the team.” – Pete St. John, Vice President SDG, Senior Exhibit and Retail Designer


“Hilary is a talented, resourceful and energetic professional. Working with her I found her to be a “can do,” “get it done” kind of person, who was eager to learn new skills. She has the confidence and presence to be a self starter in any setting.” – Paula Peter, Co-founder at Ithaca Institute


“Hilary has great energy and creative ideas. She always brings something of value to any project. If you’re looking for a fresh perspective for your business or company, Hilary’s your person!” – Carey Eidel, Executive Director at Auburn Public Theater


“Hilary was a dynamic leader of the marketing and development efforts at the Seward House Museum, one of Auburn’s finest historic sites. She worked closely with community partners to raise the profile of the museum as well as funding. She was adept at publicizing the Seward House activities on a local and regional basis using print, broadcast media, internet and social media channels and demonstrated strong written and verbal communication skills. Hilary fostered collaborative relationships throughout the community and always conveyed a passion for her work.” – Meg Vanek, Executive Director at Cayuga County Convention and Visitors Bureau


“It was a pleasure working with Hilary, as she is an outgoing, passionate and driven individual. Hilary was always fully involved and invested in all of her projects from start to finish. She is always eager to learn more and take on additional responsibility. Hilary is a real people’s person with a great attitude and big smile!” – Erin Welch, Marketing Project Manager at Legrand North America


“I have worked with Hilary on numerous projects over the years. She is a talented, creative, hard-working person who brings energy and exuberance to everything she does. She has a wealth of experience and expertise, and I’m continuously impressed by her ability to learn new skills to help more effectively and efficiently do her job.

Hilary has hired my company for a number of projects she’s managed. I was so impressed with her organizational skills, her communication and her vision that I’ve in turn hired her to manage projects for me when they’ve seemed too complicated.

I’ve rarely seen anyone so effortlessly transition from one responsibility to the next so seamlessly. From fundraising to event planning, radio and video interviews, speaking to large groups, strategy planning and more, Hilary can handle it.” – Daniel Lovell, Owner Code Munkeys